Hello, and thank you for taking a look at my website.

I live in Kenilworth and create my paintings at home.  I was not art-trained and, in fact, did not start painting until I retired when I joined a local art class and literally started from the beginning! 

I am inspired by my husband’s photography and enjoy recreating some of his photographs, and I have discovered that I most enjoy painting in acrylic with my palette knife.  I find that this gives a slightly broken effect to the strokes which I find difficult to achieve with brushes.  However, I also paint in watercolour and often take this medium on holiday as I can pack everything I need into one bag!

I now attend Warwickshire College Painters’ Studio where I am continually inspired and encouraged by the wonderful artists and tutors in the group.

In 2019 I first took part in Warwickshire Open Studios.  My husband also exhibited his photographs and we very much enjoyed people coming to see our work and talking to them.

I hope you will enjoy looking at my work. There are pictures of various sizes, some on paper, some on canvas and even some on board.  Please get in touch if you would like further information on any of the pictures.  Pictures can also be framed if desired.

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